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The main products composing the bluebee® suite are described in the following sections:


Industrial Risk ManagementIndustrial Risk Management

bluebee® provides a Risk Management platform in line with ISO 31000. Categorize risks, define control points, manage incidents, plan and execute audits, trace corrective and preventive actions, based on true data from mobile users and external systems. Large touchscreen displays support complex decisions and proactive communication with all stakeholders.

Asset ManagementAsset Management

bluebee® is designed to facilitate the implementation of the ISO 55000 Asset Management framework and to demonstrate compliance to the various stakeholders (owners, clients, regulators). bluebee supports the entire asset lifecycle, from construction to operation, for owners and operators, closing the ISO 55000 loop between strategy and execution.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

bluebee® goes further than just monitoring energy consumption and providing beautiful KPIs. Analyze incidents, define improvement plans, track their implementation, manage audits, capture data from the multiple source: systems, sensors and… people. bluebee® enables ESG by making use of its in-depth Asset Management and Risk Management functionalities.

Operation & MaintenanceOperation & Maintenance

The Smart O&M solution based on bluebee® is a true Digital Twin designed to enforce O&M best practices from top managers (decision support with touchscreen dashboards) to field workers (mobile app "for the worker of tomorrow" and smart glasses plugin). bluebee® visually integrates 3D BIM models, GIS maps, with data from IoT and legacy systems.

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