BIM for O&M

BIM for O&M

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is fast becoming mandatory in large buildings and infrastructure projects, yet its actual usage for Operation and Maintenance remains an open question. BIM vendors often lack an understanding of O&M, leading to unnecessarily complex models, data duplication, and little or no practical benefit.

Since 2013, Bluebee Tech has developed practical solutions to address the opportunity of BIM for Asset Management. A standard product was released in 2016 with embedded Revit® models. Drawing on its long experience providing O&M data preparation services during construction, Bluebee Tech also delivers consulting services to ensure the BIM model is prepared in line with O&M needs.

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Support for O&M

bluebee® X BIM for O&M is designed for real O&M work, focused on making the BIM model available to technicians when and where it is truly needed, for example to prepare complex maintenance work and to ensure safe operations. The solution functional scope covers:

> Handover of technical data from construction to O&M

> Easy navigation into complex technical data

> Using BIM graphics and data to help optimize work: work preparation, work permits, routing…

> Keeping the BIM "alive" (up-to-date) after construction (Lifecycle BIM)

BIM Data Preparation for O&M

Bluebee Technologies provides consulting services to ensure the BIM model is prepared in accordance to O&M needs. During construction, bluebee® cloud with BIM integration acts as the maintenance data collection platform, compliant with all relevant standards (PAS 1192, BS 1192, ISO 55000, EN 15331, ISO/TS 16952, IEC 81346, EN 13460 and ISO 14224). The system is used to prepare and upload O&M data, linked to the BIM model. Data preparation progress is monitored through KPIs. All data can be accessed, with a 3D viewer embedded in the bluebee® portal.

Case Studies

Our BIM for Asset Management solutions are already in use in the industry and BIM integration is a standard feature of our solutions. Customers include oil company CNOOC, Hong Kong San Wai Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong's Drainages Services Department, Organica Water, Goglio Tianjin Packaging, etc.

When implemented from the early stage, Bluebee Tech’s BIM for O&M solution ensures the handover of useful as-built models to the O&M team. Compared to the approach advocated by BIM vendors, large cost savings can be achieved in BIM licenses (no license for O&M team), BIM consulting services (LOD 500 models often not required) and IT integration (by avoiding complex data duplication).

Improved safety thanks to better work preparation with all stakeholders, visualization of the work environment, related connections, safety procedures, work permits, LOTO etc. in an integrated environment rather than in multiple systems. Efficiency gains when searching for drawings (3D model) and technical data, by accessing it directly from the O&M environment, for example opening the 3D model in one-click from a preventive maintenance work order.

Keeping the BIM model "alive" after construction (Lifecycle BIM). Most BIM models become obsolete quickly (sometimes almost immediately when not truly as-built), are not updated when parts are changed and do not contain historical O&M data. Day-to-day usage in the O&M environment ensures models remain up-to-date, increasing the value over time.

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