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White Paper: Digitalizing TPM, WCM and LEAN

News Release time: June 13, 2024

We are proud to officially release the latest white paper "Digitalizing TPM, WCM and LEAN". This White Paper illustrates how manufacturing plants can get rid of the traditional paper processes and enhance operational efficiency through digitalization, while fostering continuous improvement and employee engagement in line with TPM, WCM and LEAN   principles.

Key Takeaways:  

Ÿ  Learn to unlock the full potential of your production line through Digitalizing TPM, WCM, and LEAN.

Ÿ  Discover how to bridge the gap between traditional maintenance practices and the smart factory of tomorrow.

Ÿ  Empower your team with the insights from our comprehensive approach to TPM, providing actionable data and strategies for continuous improvement and operational excellence.

White Paper: Digitalizing TPM, Lean and WCM

Bluebee Tech was founded in 2013 by veterans of the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) market, who observed how little support those traditional systems provided for TPM, WCM and LEAN.

In traditional factory settings, Visual Management relies on paper. Not much has changed since the 1980s. Performance dashboards take the form of paper board displaying KPIs and performance metrics, manually updated.

Bluebee Tech envisioned more worker-centric solutions, so the initial R&D emphasis was put on mobile solutions for "the worker of tomorrow". Bluebee Tech designs innovative Digital Twin for O&M solutions known as bluebee®.

bluebee® supports the core pillars of TPM through digital solutions, mobile technology and interactive dashboards, and integrates seamlessly with legacy corporate IT systems such as EAM, CMMS, ERP and other systems.

Dive into the full white paper here: https://forms.office.com/r/xSe0KEmRMy

About Bluebee Tech

Bluebee Tech, a French company with a long track record in Asia, helps Infrastructures & Industrial plants to optimize the lifecycle of their assets, to control their technical risks and to ensure regulatory compliance, by providing innovative yet practical Smart Operation and Maintenance solutions known as "bluebee®". The company has over 1000 client sites in Asia. Thailand customers include Center One Shopping Plaza, Chonburi Clean Energy, Daramic, EssilorLuxottica and Veolia Circular Polymer.

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