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Demo movie: bluebee® X for ESG

News Release time: July 07, 2023

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how a company is managing risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria. Looking at ESG from a technical management’s perspective:


Ÿ   Environmental includes energy, water and waste.

Ÿ   Social covers safety, first and foremost.

Ÿ   Governance consists in complying with regulations and best practices, as well as communicating with stakeholders.

Long before ESG became popular, the Bluebee Lab R&D center started developing innovative software for sustainability in 2009. The winner of ESG award in 2023, bluebee® X goes further than just monitoring energy consumption and providing beautiful KPIs. The solution helps analyze incidents, define improvement plans, track their implementation, manage audits, capture data from the multiple source: systems, sensors and… people.

This short video gives an overview of bluebee® X for ESG. Talk to us to see how it could apply to your needs!

"ESG & decarbonization in operations: the digital gap"

"ESG & decarbonization in operations: the digital gap"

Click here to download this article on ESG in Smart O&M (English only)

About Bluebee Tech


Bluebee Techa French company with a long track record in Asia, helps Infrastructures & Industrial plants to optimize the lifecycle of their assets, to control their technical risks and to ensure regulatory compliance, by providing innovative yet practical Smart Operation and Maintenance solutions known as "bluebee®". The company has over 1000 client sites in Asia. Thailand customers include Center One Shopping Plaza, Chonburi Clean Energy, Daramic, EssilorLuxottica and Veolia Circular Polymer.

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